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Friends September 27, 2009

Posted by Hastak Shah in Life.

 “A Friend in need is a Friend indeed” a very first quote I ever heard about friends and friendship, when I started understanding The World. I just felt like writing about this today since, today was a day of such an event. One of my best friend moved back to India for good.

 “And yet again” was the phrase that clicked in my mind. Should I say I am lucky or should I say am unlucky. But all the friends that I have really come close too, haven’t stayed with me for longer period. This doesn’t mean we ended friendship, it’s just consequences of life, have got us to depart geographically.


Bad part about such situation is that it creates a negativity or wariness of losing a friend, with every friend I become close to. While the better part or the good part is that with so many good friends in life, I have lots of memories to cherish and lots of different events to associate to. I wish I could, in a possible event gather all my friends in one place and acknowledge their importance in my life.

My housemates - A family away from home!!

I wrote something very relevant to this, couple of weeks back –

Life full of metaphor,
Timelessly flows like a perennial river.

Boats float on the river,
Like friends in your life.

Rafting in the childhood, cruising through the falls;
That’s when we make friends first of all.

Mountains became plateau, Plateau to plains;
Snow to Sun and Sun to rains.

Rafts left out but I met new boats,
And some yachts, that accompanied me in my journey.

Sharing abundance of love and support,
Some banked while some still aboard.

With some turbulence and many diversions though,
Hoping to see meet them again, I continued to my flow.

One day I know I’ll merge in the Sea,
And My Lord will take care of me.

But the story left behind with you my friends,
Will be told to world in legends.

Now when I look back, my life looks like a nomad. I might be exaggerating it here, but I don’t find it normal to move so much. Though I realise your fate keeps you moving till you find your destiny. I was born in Bharuch, spent my childhood in Halol, and then moved for schooling to Vadodara (Baroda), then college in Mumbai (Bombay), back to Vadodara and now in Australia, in just 25 years. Before I get settle in a place, life says, “Hey dude, sorry but you gotta move!” These moves have been hard for me initially, but then I was blessed with so many good friends around me to make me home.


Chinks, Me and Shireen

It’s this mode of movement that has taught me to be what I am today and my friends who taught me how to be a real good friend and a real good person and hence I end here by dedicating my one more poem to them –

Out of the dark comes a sudden moon, which lits up the sky;
Who makes you laugh, who makes you smile and never lets you cry;

He kicks your gloom and makes you bloom like a rainbow in the sky;
Who lits your way on the darkest day, like light from firefly;

Who taps your back when you do wrong, but pats your back when you do right;
He shields your back, and protects you while you are struggling through the fight;

Isn’t that what friend is, I always ask myself?
I’ll be the one, I’ll be the best. Be rest assured thyself!

Thank you to all my friends and though we are walking on different paths of life, and geography departs us, I miss you all very much and love you all.



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