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My answer to You – September 28, 2009

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Not sure how do I start this article. Let’s start with one word “OPTIMISM”. I’ve had real good friends and some special ones who’ve taught me this aspect of life. Life experiences have equally helped in developing a faith in Optimism.

As you would have known in my previous blog, I’ve been away from home for almost 7 years now. Feeling home sick, missing friends back home, missing old days, were some easy excuses to fall into blues. But at times and over, my near and dear ones have supported to me to get over it and be happy. So, I exactly understood what my dear friend was feeling when she expressed her apathy in a poetic way to me.

I’ve never felt this lonely before, it has never been this dark…

I’ve never felt so helpless; things have never been this harsh

I’ve lost the colours of hope; I’ve lost them all…

I’ve lost what made me strong; I’ve lost it all….

But I want to grow before its dark….

I want to live before it’s over…

I want to enjoy, I want to sing

I want to smile…

When I first read it, it surely revealed here ample disappointment. And if you notice, like me, the last two lines tells she is trying to come out of that darkness, she is talking about and there is a ray of hope. I asked her to complete, but didn’t want to. So I promised her I would complete it and will send a reply to it. Though I took it real long to reply to it, as I would do in a poetic manner as well, but I did. This is what I call it as my “pill of Optimism”, and am sure she knows this term.

You’re not alone like this single tree,

Just break the notion, set yourself free.

Let it be dark, there are still the stars,

And then sunrise too is not so far.

Don’t lose your hope, don’t lose at all,

Colours of love shall brighten it all.

Life gives you hurdle at every mile,

Just jump them all with a pretty smile.

The hurdles shall lessen; you’ll meet the plains,

But then life won’t be so exciting again.

Just rise again, if you fall at all,

There are heights to reach on a mountain tall.

Just take flight, and spread your wing,

Live your life enjoy and sing.



1. shiwani - November 7, 2009

liked your reply =) good work

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