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I miss you!! January 28, 2014

Posted by Hastak Shah in Uncategorized.




Not the best poem I have written so far.. I but I think I miss you more than the words can say.. 

Again we are on the other side of the world
Again we are parted by the land and the sea
Again the time zones are killing it all
I wish this was not real at all..

I wish the world was actually flat
I wish all the countries were one big land
I wish the Sun was shining upon us at the time
And I could talk to you all the time..

I miss you all the time and think of you
I miss your smile and hugs and kisses
I miss you and I know you do too
But I will soon be there sitting next to you..

Its only five days but it seems too long
Its only five days to let pass by
Its only five days till we meet again
Walking together in the love lane..



1. onlyshruti - April 30, 2017

I only realized you had a blog when you liked mine mate. Liked the verse and nominated you for the Liebster award. Read about it on my blog. Hugs

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