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About Me


An Engineer by trade, a poet and thinker by passion. Lover of art and literature.

Does that explain a lot? No! Ok, well I’ve graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering (Infomechatronics) from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia. For those who are surprised with term “Infomechatronics”, its a QUT’s version of Mechatronics. And for those who don’t know Mechatronics, its a combination study of Mechanical, Electrical and Information Technology, which used in industrial automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and for many process improvements. And I am working with Schneider Electric as a Technical Support.

I love to write poems, and I have written many. You will read more of them in my blog. I also appreciate other forms of art at the same time like music, painting and dancing.

I love to play Table Tennis and Cricket, but at the same time I love watching Rugby, Australian rule football, Soccer, Lawn Tennis and F1.

Well this was just a small introduction about me. You will learn about me more in my writings. Thank you.



1. Tanmay - September 11, 2009

Hey bro.. tht’s really great…
cheers man.. gud luck.

2. shiwuz - September 17, 2009

Hastak, I am glad to see you finally gave in to blogging… Good Luck and I’ll be looking out for your new posts…

3. Goral vora - April 3, 2010

Hey hastak.. just read through all your posts and i felt as if i had a chat with you for hours.. i could have left this msg anywhere for you, but just thought something here would make a difference.
hope ur trip home was good and you had a great time with everyone.
looking forward to your newer posts..

take care,

4. ReadersHeaven - September 21, 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

5. Bimal Sharma - February 17, 2011

Hello Hastak,

great work …i hardly spend time on web, but dont know how I reached this unique site of urs…i think its the first time I am posting any comment on web…..anyway, good on you mate.

hope you remember me…..bimal from brisbane (desi punjabi from phagwara)

good luck ,

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