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The Sun and The Moon July 20, 2011

Posted by Hastak Shah in Life, Love.
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When I saw the Moon before the dawn
It was still shining bright
I asked Him the reason for the shine
And all the pleasant light

He said to me He saw someone
I am dying to see
The shine is just but the glow from her face
That is reflecting on me

He said to me she waits for me
from dawn to dawn
Awaiting on the path
You’ll be coming from

With this the Moon dimmed a bit,
And lost a little glow,
I didn’t know really what to say,
As I too was a little low.

Just right then the Sun peeked out
Throwing us some light
A ray of hope to lit my day
And make it shine bright

He said that in some hours from now
He will see her too
And will wait till then to tell her that
I very much miss her too

The Sun, the Moon together they said
Son not to worry at all
You will be there to be with her
Before the year fall.

You will start your new life,
And she will be with you
I had a smile on my face
And they had too.


Will you take me home? September 20, 2010

Posted by Hastak Shah in Life.
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Oh rail! Oh rail!
Can you come out to bail?

I want to go home,
where I last left my trail.

Its miles away,
its far and long.

Will you please ride me there
where I do belong?

Place this is great
and is quite good to be.

But I want to be there,
what my childhood had seen.

Would you promise me,
you will take me there.

To my people who love,
who adore, who care.

I think this says it all…

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