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The Writer’s Block OR a Mental confusion!! November 27, 2013

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I read somewhere that Writer’s Block is a condition of mental blockage,  where you can’t think of what to write (typically associated with the writing people).

Some fear it, some feel depressed, and some think they will never come back to being (what they think) normal. TRUST ME!! I had all of the above. But that’s me.

And its been a while since I wrote anything to post on this blog. Before that I could write poems, write blogs, write thoughtful stuff.. SO WHAT HAS CHANGED NOW??

I ask myself this everyday literally. And I think I have found the answer, or I think I have.

Word is “PRIORITY”. Priorities have changed in life for me. What I did before, What I was before, Where I was before has changed.

And I realise it’s not actually a Writer’s Block. Writer’s block is when you loose your creativity in writing. I have not lost my creativity. It is just that what I write now is different.

I write emails. I write reports. I write technical notes. I create presentations. I write business plans. See I told you I can still write. Just don’t write what I use to write before.

My life has changed rapidly in last 4 years. Move to Sydney, leaving all the friends back in Brisbane. New life, a dream job and best of I am married now to a very beautiful wife.

With all this to do and look after I feel I am short of time. 24 hours is not just enough. Where is that time when I had time for myself, time to think, time to write my sonnets and octets, time to do whatever I want.

Have I lost it, or am I just being what Aussies would call a whinger and slack ass, and not having my priorities right?

I DON’T KNOW!! All I know is that I need to be more deterministic of what I want to do and manage my life better. There are only 24 hours in a day. I need to learn how to manage them better, to do things I want to do, without disrupting my current routine.

“If I waited for Perfection, I would never write a word!!” — Margaret Atwood

The Sun and The Moon July 20, 2011

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When I saw the Moon before the dawn
It was still shining bright
I asked Him the reason for the shine
And all the pleasant light

He said to me He saw someone
I am dying to see
The shine is just but the glow from her face
That is reflecting on me

He said to me she waits for me
from dawn to dawn
Awaiting on the path
You’ll be coming from

With this the Moon dimmed a bit,
And lost a little glow,
I didn’t know really what to say,
As I too was a little low.

Just right then the Sun peeked out
Throwing us some light
A ray of hope to lit my day
And make it shine bright

He said that in some hours from now
He will see her too
And will wait till then to tell her that
I very much miss her too

The Sun, the Moon together they said
Son not to worry at all
You will be there to be with her
Before the year fall.

You will start your new life,
And she will be with you
I had a smile on my face
And they had too.

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